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Video Trailer: America Beforepicture

Video Trailer: America Before

Guest on the 10/21/20 show, Graham Hancock, shares a trailer for his book America Before.

Categories: Ancient World, Mysteries & Anomalies

Video: Massive Ancient Cat Drawing Found Among Nazca Lines in Peru

Video: Massive Ancient Cat Drawing Found Among Nazca Lines in Perupicture

Workers refurbishing a platform overlooking the iconic Nazca Lines in Peru could not believe their eyes when they stumbled upon a massive drawing of a cat that had been etched into a hillside thousands of years ago.

Twelve-Year-Old Boy Discovers Rare Dinosaur Skeleton in Canada

A twelve-year-old boy with dreams of becoming a paleontologist may be well on his way after discovering a rare dinosaur skeleton while out on a hike with his father.

Machu Picchu Opened for Lone Japanese Tourist Stuck in Peru...

Machu Picchu Opened for Lone Japanese Tourist Stuck in Peru for 7 Monthspicture

After traveling to Peru earlier this year in the hopes of visiting Machu Picchu and becoming stranded in the country for seven months due to the coronavirus pandemic, a Japanese tourist was finally granted access to the site this week and given a...

'Cursed' Artifacts Returned to Pompeii

Several objects from the ruins at Pomeii were recently mailed to a travel agency in Italy by a Canadian woman who explained that she had stolen them 15 years ago and now wished to rid herself of what she believes is a curse attached to the artifacts.

Missouri Teen Finds Mastodon Tooth

A treasure-hunting teenager in Missouri stumbled upon a fantastic object from the distant past in the form of a fossilized mastodon tooth.

LA Marzulli Trailer & Photos 8/19/20

Guest on the 8/19/20 show, LA Marzulli shares a video trailer and images in tandem with his appearance.

Pompeii Selfie Peeves Italian Police

Authorities in Italy are investigating a shocking incident in which a tourist visiting Pompeii scrambled to the top of some ruins in order to snap a selfie.

Cremation Site Dates Back to Around 7000 B.C.

Excavations at a site in Northern Israel have revealed an ancient cremation pit dating back to around 9,000 years ago. Remains of a skeleton show evidence of being heated to over 500 degrees, and according to the French National Center for...

Art Bell Vault: Human Origins

Our newest feature for Coast Insiders, The Art Bell Vault, offers an expanding curated collection with two vintage shows added to the mix each Wednesday. This week, we showcase a pair of programs that look at human origins both from creationist...

Watch: Incredibly Well-Preserved Woolly Mammoth Remains Found...

Scientists in Siberia have recovered the remains of a woolly mammoth which had been so well-preserved that there was still soft tissue attached to its bones.

Elon Musk Irks Egyptian Officials by Suggesting Aliens Built...

In a strange fracas that unfolded over the weekend, Elon Musk irked officials in Egypt when he suggested that extraterrestrials constructed the country's iconic pyramids.

Stonehenge Boulder Mystery Solved?

Stonehenge Boulder Mystery Solved?picture

A longstanding mystery surrounding Stonehenge appears to have finally been solved as scientists have reportedly determined the origin of the massive boulders used to build the ancient complex.

Joshua Shapiro Photos 7/10/20

Joshua Shapiro has provided several images for his appearance on the 7/10/20 show about crystal skulls.

Tiny Dinosaur Ancestor Discovered in Madagascar

Tiny Dinosaur Ancestor Discovered in Madagascarpicture

Paleontologists have identified a tiny species of dinosaur that is believed to be a miniature early ancestor of the monstrous creatures that roamed the Earth long ago.

Scott Wolter Images 7/4/20

Author Scott Wolter has provided several images for his discussion on the 7/4/20 show about mysterious runestones.

Study Finds Asteroid, Not Volcanoes Wiped Out Dinosaurs

Study Finds Asteroid, Not Volcanoes Wiped Out Dinosaurspicture

A new study looking at the demise of the dinosaurs may have settled the debate over what caused the mass extinction event millions of years ago.

A Giant Wombat-Like Creature Once Roamed the Earth

A giant creature similar to a wombat once roamed the earth millions of years ago, scientists just announced. The newly discovered marsupial, given the name of Mukupirna, was the size of a black bear and weighed over 300 pounds. Such a creature...

Massive Mystery Fossil Found in Antarctica Identified as Ancient Egg

An enormous fossil that had stumped scientists for nearly a decade has finally been identified as an egg from an extinct marine reptile.

Huge Ammonite Fossil Found in England

A pair of college students in England could not believe their eyes when they unearthed a massive fossil of an ancient shelled sea creature.

Bipedal Crocodiles Suggested for Source of Odd Fossil Footprints

Researchers studying strange fossilized footprints theorize that the intriguing tracks were made by ancient creatures that resembled bipedal crocodiles.

Mummified Dinosaur Remains Reveal Creature's Last Meal

Scientists studying the mummified body of an armor-plated dinosaur were surprised to find that the creature's last meal was still inside its remarkably well-preserved stomach.

Massive Ancient Animal Horn Found in Wales

A pair of brothers walking along the shore of an estuary in Wales stumbled upon a huge horn that once belonged to an ancient creature that roamed the region thousands of years ago.

Video: Massive Mammoth Graveyard Found in Mexico

Archaeologists in Mexico are celebrating an enormous find in the form of a massive mammoth graveyard containing the fossilized remains of around sixty of the ancient creatures.

Archaeologists Launch 'Build Your Own Monument' Competition

Archaeologists Launch 'Build Your Own Monument' Competitionpicture

An organization of archaeologists has come up with a clever way for people to pass the time while stuck inside their homes due to coronavirus lockdowns: a 'build your own monument' competition.

Unique Aerial Photo Reveals Secret to Stonehenge Construction

A fascinating aerial photograph of an upright stone at Stonehenge reveals that the monument was constructed in a manner similar to Lego building blocks.

Landslide Reveals Mysterious Medieval Shrine Near Railroad in England

Railroad workers surveying the aftermath of a landslide near a tunnel going through a hill in England were stunned to discover that the event inadvertently revealed a mysterious cave that experts believe was once a Medieval shrine.

Video: Egypt Illuminates Great Pyramid with Messages of Solidarity

In response to the coronavirus crisis, Egyptian officials illuminated the iconic Great Pyramid of Giza with messages of solidarity to the world.

Mysterious Ancient Wooden Structure Found at Angkor Wat

Mysterious Ancient Wooden Structure Found at Angkor Watpicture

A restoration project at the Cambodian Hindu temple complex known as Angkor Wat inadvertently led to the discovery of a mysterious thousand-year-old structure.

New Species of Ancient Flying Reptiles Discovered in Africa

An international team of researchers have identified a trio of heretofore undiscovered flying reptiles that roamed the skies during the time of the dinosaurs.


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