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Photo of Iceberg That Likely Sunk the Titanic Goes Up for Auctionpicture

Photo of Iceberg That Likely Sunk the Titanic Goes Up for Auction

A remarkable photograph believed to be that of the infamous iceberg which sunk the Titanic is going up for auction in England.

Categories: Alternative History & Conspiracies

Astronaut Mike Massimino Muses About Flat Earth Enthusiasts

One of America's most famous astronauts recently shared his thoughts on people who believe that the Earth is flat.

2020 Bilderberg Meeting Postponed Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Much like many other major gatherings around the world, the 2020 installment of the infamous Bilderberg Meeting will not take place as planned.

Video: Flat Earth Fever Grips Brazil

Indicating that the remarkable rise in popularity of the Flat Earth theory is not purely an American phenomenon, a recent survey out of Brazil suggests that a jaw-dropping number of people in the country have become believers in the controversial concept.

Watch: Flat Earther Arrested Following Bizarre Visit to...

A Flat Earth enthusiast found himself in hot water with authorities in South Carolina after he visited an elementary school playground with the intention of teaching the children the 'true' shape of the planet.

Daredevil Flat Earther 'Mad' Mike Hughes Dies in Homemade Rocket Crash

'Mad' Mike Hughes, the daredevil Flat Earth enthusiast who garnered worldwide headlines with his homemade rocket launch back in 2018, sadly passed away this weekend when an attempt at exceeding his previous feat turned tragic.

Knapp's News 2/16/20

George Knapp share items that have recently caught his attention, including a piece on Fukushima.

Video: Prominent Flat Earth Researcher Interviewed on British...

In a wildly entertaining segment on a popular British morning show, a prominent Flat Earth researcher from America attempted to convince the incredulous hosts that the much-maligned conspiracy theory is correct.

French Publisher Under Fire for Featuring 911 Conspiracy...

The publisher of a world history textbook used in France is under fire after it was noticed that a section covering the 911 attacks suggested that the CIA was behind the tragic event.

Knapp's News 1/18/20

George Knapp shared recent items of interest including a story about identity recognition.

High School in Israel Under Fire for Hosting Flat Earther as...

A strange controversy is swirling around a high school in Israel after administrators invited a Flat Earth enthusiast to speak to students.

Was There an Oswald Doppelganger?

Does this comparison photo show there were two Lee Harvey Oswalds?

The Highs and Lows of Flat Earth: Observations of a Dallas Gathering

They came from as far away as Australia, England, and Sweden, and were the hardest of the hardcore Flat Earth believers.

Watch: Colorado Man's Concern About Chemtrails Leads to Odd...

A Colorado man who was concerned that a jet flying over his property might be dispersing chemtrails got quite the shock when he also spotted what appeared to be a UFO hovering near the airliner.

Malaysian Astronaut Fires Back at Flat Earth Fans

A Malaysian astronaut recently took to social media to issue a stern response to Flat Earth fans who keep writing to him and demanding that he swear to God that the planet is a sphere.

UAE Astronaut Refutes Flat Earth Theory

An astronaut who recently made history by becoming the first spacefarer from the United Arab Emirates was asked by one curious reporter upon his return to Earth to confirm that the planet is really round and not flat.

Art Bell Vault: Conspiracies

New to the Art Bell Vault this week: legendary conspiracy writers Jim Marrs & Robert Anton Wilson.

British Boxing Legend Backs Flat Earth Theory

A boxing legend in England is the latest athlete to throw their support behind the controversial Flat Earth theory.

Watch: Structures on the Moon?

Archival footage of NASA researchers reviewing Apollo 15 photos may offer proof of alien "structures" on the Moon.

$10,000 Flat Earth Bet Between Friends Allegedly Leads to Death Threat

A $10,000 bet between two childhood friends in New Zealand over whether or not the Earth is flat allegedly led to one of the men threatening to kill the other with a crossbow unless he honored the weird wager.

Flat Earth Fan to Launch Himself in Homemade Rocket Again

Daredevil and Flat Earth enthusiast 'Mad' Mike Hughes hopes to once again take to the skies inside of a homemade rocket at a launch scheduled for next weekend.

Flat Earth Fan Speaks at English School

Students at a school in England were treated to a rather odd guest speaker in the form of a Flat Earth enthusiast who did her best to convince the teenaged audience that the planet is not round.

Video: Lego Builders Create Epic Conspiracy-Themed Piece

A pair of highly skilled Lego builders recently created a jaw-dropping piece which pays tribute to an array of infamous conspiracy theories.

Did We Go To The Moon?

Filmmaker Aron Ranen has provided links to his documentary on the Apollo 11 moon landing

Survey Finds 1 in 10 Americans Believe the Moon Landing Was a Hoax

With the 50th anniversary of the famed Apollo moon landing only days away, a new survey asked Americans for their take on the controversial theory that the entire event was a charade. T

Spanish Soccer Team Changes Name to 'Flat Earth FC'

A professional soccer team in Spain has undergone a rather remarkable rebranding by changing their name to Flat Earth FC in support of the controversial conspiracy theory.

Bohemian Grove Under Fire Again

The notoriously secretive club of power brokers known as Bohemian Grove is the subject of renewed criticism concerning the group's all-male membership policy.

Free Audio: Steve Quayle on Transhumanism

In this riveting hour from 2018, Steve Quayle delves into transhumanism and demonic entities.

2019 Bilderberg Meeting Underway

Today marks the start of the infamous annual gathering of global power brokers known as the Bilderberg Meeting.

Flat Earth Fan Arrested for Alleged Graffiti Spree on Federal Land

A Flat Earth enthusiast from Arizona was arrested last week for what authorities say was a widespread campaign in which he tagged over 30 spots on federal land with a message imploring people to research the infamous conspiracy theory.


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