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Nature, Environment & Earth Changes

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Watch: Bizarre Bug Baffles Briton

Oct 11, 2019

A British tourist visiting South Africa could not believe his eyes when he spotted a bizarre bug that appeared to be half-spider and half-scorpion.

Watch: Conservation Group Creates 'Lion Cage' for Up Close Big Cat Observation

Oct 8, 2019

A conservation group in South Africa has created a plexiglass structure that allows people to get an incredibly close look at lions in a manner similar to a shark cage.

Knapp's News 10/5/19

Oct 5, 2019

George Knapp shares a few items that recently caught his attention, including an article on the implications of alien technology.

Watch: Octopus Filmed Dreaming?

Sep 26, 2019

A mesmerizing video of a sleeping octopus shows the creature changing colors in a manner which suggests that it may be dreaming.

'Loch Ness Eel' Footage Sparks Monstrous Misunderstanding

Sep 19, 2019

A video hailed by some observers as confirmation that the Loch Ness Monster is really an eel appears to be more of a misunderstanding rather than actual proof.

Norwegian Man Snags Eye-Catching Fish

Sep 16, 2019

A young man fishing off the coast of Norway reeling in a rather jaw-dropping catch in the form of a fish sporting enormous eyes

Mysterious Acoustic Waves in Oklahoma

Sep 15, 2019

Seismometers have been buzzing all summer long with strange readings in Oklahoma.

Strange Monkey Mystery Grips Texas City

Sep 11, 2019

An odd mystery has gripped a small city in Texas as numerous residents have reported seeing a monkey roaming through their neighborhood and causing a ruckus.

Calf with 'Human Face' Born in Argentina

Sep 9, 2019

A farmer in Argentina could not believe his eyes when a cow on his property gave birth to a calf sporting a face which bears an uncanny resemblance to that of a human.

Odd Life-forms Found Deep Inside Mine

Sep 8, 2019

Extreme microbes have been found thriving deep inside Kidd Mine in Canada in a water reservoir said to be undisturbed for two billion years.

Video: Two-Headed Rattlesnake Found

Sep 5, 2019

A pair of herpetologists in New Jersey recently stumbled upon a rare two-headed rattlesnake slithering around in the state's infamous Pine Barrens.

Video: 'Alien' Creature Caught in Alaska

Sep 3, 2019

A woman on a fishing trip in Alaska reeled in a bizarre sea creature that looked like something from another world. T

Watch: Mutant Two-Headed Turtle Found

Aug 31, 2019

Conservationists were shocked this week when they discovered a two-headed sea turtle.

Watch: Divers Capture Eerie Footage from Inside Infamous Arctic Shipwreck

Aug 29, 2019

A research project out of Canada has produced breathtaking footage from inside the wreckage of the doomed Arctic exploration vessel known as the HMS Terror.

Video: Rhino Flips Car Containing Zookeeper at Safari Park in Germany

Aug 29, 2019

A jaw-dropping video from a safari park in Germany shows an ornery rhinoceros charging at and flipping a car containing an unlucky zookeeper.

Anomaly Hunter Spots Massive 'Face' in Antarctica via Google Earth

Aug 26, 2019

An anomaly hunter scouring Google Earth for unusual sights stumbled upon a curious spot in Antarctica which gives the legendary 'Face on Mars' a run for its money.

Watch: Monkey Uses Rock to Smash Glass Wall at Chinese Zoo

Aug 26, 2019

A wild video taken at a Chinese zoo shows a clever monkey using a sharpened rock to smash the glass wall of its enclosure and, in the process, give itself quite the scare.

Video: First Visit to Titanic Wreckage in 14 Years Reveals Significant Deterioration

Aug 22, 2019

For the first time in 14 years, divers have visited the wreckage of the Titanic and their observations indicate that the doomed passenger liner has deteriorated significantly.

Watch: Wildfire Smoke Plunges Brazilian City into Darkness During the Afternoon

Aug 21, 2019

An eerie darkness suddenly fell over a Brazilian city on Monday afternoon and left mystified residents wondering if it was a sign of the End Times.

Watch: Heavy Winds Spark Mesmerizing 'Mattress Migration' in Colorado

Aug 20, 2019

A storm passing over an outdoor event in Colorado inadvertently produced a rather mesmerizing sight as dozens of air mattresses at the location were sent flying.

'Alien' Creature Found on British Beach

Aug 19, 2019

A beachcomber in England was baffled after stumbling upon a bizarre-looking creature that had washed ashore.

Boy Finds Mammoth Tooth in Ohio

Aug 14, 2019

A boy exploring the grounds of an inn in Ohio unearthed a literal piece of ancient history: a woolly mammoth tooth.

Watch: 'Zombie Snail' Spotted in Taiwan

Aug 13, 2019

A hiker in Taiwan was mystified when he stumbled upon a strange snail that sported pulsating green and orange tentacles.

Video: Massive 'Ghost City' Appears on Lake in China

Aug 5, 2019

A spellbinding video out of China shows an optical illusion which makes it seem as if a massive 'ghost city' had appeared on a lake.

Firefighters in Massachusetts Rescue Raccoon Stuck in Storm Drain

Aug 2, 2019

Firefighters in Massachusetts responded to a rather strange call to action this week when they were enlisted to help free a raccoon that had somehow gotten its head stuck in a storm drain.

Puzzling Surgical Plate Found in Dead Crocodile's Stomach

Aug 1, 2019

An Australian crocodile farmer was left mystified when he performed an autopsy on one of the facility's resident reptiles that had recently passed away and found a surgical plate in the creature's stomach.

Watch: Foolhardy Zoo Patron Climbs Over Fence and Rides Giraffe!

Jul 31, 2019

A wild video out of Kazakhstan shows a foolhardy zoo patron scramble over a fence into a giraffe enclosure and ride one of the creatures.

Gigantic Dinosaur Bone Found in France

Jul 30, 2019

A paleontology dig in France turned into something of a celebration thanks to the discovery of a jaw-dropping six-and-a-half-foot long dinosaur bone.

New 'Glow-in-the-Dark' Pocket Shark Species Identified by Scientists

Jul 23, 2019

Scientists have identified a new species of pocket shark that can glow-in-the-dark and emit luminous fluid from its body.

Seagull Snatches Dog in England

Jul 22, 2019

A heartbroken dog owner in England says that a sinister seagull snatched her pet chihuahua off the ground and flew away with the poor pooch!

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