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Video: Two-Faced Cat Born in China

Sep 21, 2017

A litter of kittens born to a cat in China featured a rather jaw-dropping feline among the bunch: one with two faces.

Watch: Eerie White Cat Crashes Funeral in Malaysia

Sep 19, 2017

A spooky video from Malaysia shows a mysterious white cat suddenly appear during a man's funeral and refuse to leave his freshly-filled grave.

Video: Koala Survives Scary Drive

Sep 18, 2017

Animal rescue workers in Australia managed to save a confused koala that had gotten stuck underneath a car and endured a ten-mile trip before being found.

Irma Unearths Mystery Canoe in FL

Sep 17, 2017

An art photographer examining the damage inflicted by Hurricane Irma upon his city of Cocoa, Florida was amazed to discover what appears to be an ancient canoe that was unearthed during the storm.

Trio of Troublesome Squirrels Thwarted in New Orleans

Sep 16, 2017

A week-long nightmare for one neighborhood in New Orleans has seemingly come to an end as authorities "apprehended" a trio of squirrels that had terrorized residents.

Rare White Giraffes Caught on Film

Sep 14, 2017

Conservationists in Kenya have captured footage of two incredibly rare and breathtaking white giraffes.

Extinct Tiger Seen Alive in Java?

Sep 14, 2017

An intriguing photograph from Indonesia may show a species of tiger that was declared extinct decades ago seemingly alive and well.

Monstrous Sea Creature Discovered on a Beach in Texas

Sep 13, 2017

While surveying the damage from Hurricane Harvey, a Texas woman stumbled upon the remains of a nightmarish sea creature that had washed ashore during the storm.

Watch: Slow Motion Landslide Filmed in China

Sep 13, 2017

A mesmerizing video from China shows a lava-like landslide creeping down a hill to the amazement of onlookers.

Two-Headed Snake Caught in AR

Sep 12, 2017

During an otherwise routine home inspection, an electrician in Arkansas made a jaw-dropping discovery: a two-headed rattlesnake!

Australians Told to Eat Kangaroos

Sep 12, 2017

In response to an explosion in the population of wild kangaroos in Australia, environmental experts believe there may be only one solution: people need to eat them.

Bizarre Mass Monkey Death Blamed on Tiger's Roar

Sep 11, 2017

The strange death of a dozen wild monkeys in India has been explained by officials with an equally weird cause: a tiger's roar.

Runaway Tick Causes Panic at Press Conference in Japan

Sep 11, 2017

Health officials in Japan were left scrambling when a press conference about the dangers of ticks went horribly awry.

Irma Leaves Beach with No Water

Sep 10, 2017

While surveying the damage from Hurricane Irma, some residents in the Bahamas were stunned to see that the monstrous storm had left their nearby beach without any ocean water!

'Ghost' Lobster Caught in Maine

Sep 6, 2017

A fisherman from Maine recently captured a rather remarkable lobster that looks almost translucent.

Slew of New Species Discovered in the Amazon

Sep 3, 2017

A new report from conservationist groups studying flora and fauna in the Amazon indicates that an astounding 381 new species were found there in just a two year period of research.

Bizarre Blob Found in BC Lagoon

Sep 1, 2017

An odd-looking blob creature was recently discovered living in a lagoon at a park in British Columbia.

Video: Jet Dodges Trio of Tornadoes

Aug 31, 2017

An amazing piece of footage from Sochi, Russia shows a passenger jet weaving around three ominous-looking tornadoes that had formed over the Black Sea.

Mystery Mist Sickens Slew of Beachgoers in England

Aug 28, 2017

Visitors to a beach in England became sickened on Sunday after a mysterious chemical fog wafted over the popular tourist spot.

Odd 'Alien Insect' Found in Taiwan

Aug 28, 2017

A truly bizarre-looking creature found squirming around on some rocks in Taiwan left onlookers scratching their heads.

Turkeys Torment CT Neighborhood

Aug 27, 2017

Residents of a neighborhood in Stamford, Connecticut are crying foul over a group of wild turkeys that have seemingly declared war on humans.

Elusive Amazon Monkey Seen for the First Time in Nearly a Century

Aug 26, 2017

An incredibly rare species of monkey has been photographed by a conservationist during an expedition to the Amazon, constituting the first time the creature has been seen in 80 years!

Bizarre 'Monkey Pig' Born in Cuba

Aug 21, 2017

A newborn piglet in Cuba in causing a stir due to a mutation that left the creature looking like it had the face of a chimp and only one eye in the center of its head!

Watch: 'Fognado' Sweeps Across CA Beach

Aug 5, 2017

A remarkable video from a beach in Santa Cruz, California shows an enormous and ominous cloud come sweeping across the sky.

'Wolf Bot' Created to Guard Farms in Japan

Aug 2, 2017

In an attempt to thwart wild animals from feasting on their crops, farmers in Japan have turned to a rather monstrous-looking creation: a robot wolf!

Video: Bizarre Bug Baffles AZ Man

Aug 2, 2017

An Arizona man eating his breakfast may be forgiven for losing his appetite after he spotted a bizarre insect lingering at his window.

Video: Eerie Glowing Cloud Appears on George Washington Bridge

Aug 1, 2017

Commuters cruising along the George Washington Bridge on Tuesday morning encountered an eerie cloud which suddenly emerged, briefly enveloped traffic, and then dissipated into the air.

Video: Monstrous Spider Menaces Australian Couple

Jul 26, 2017

A couple in Australia found their dinner delayed when an unexpected guest arrived at their home: a massive Huntsman spider.

Rabbits Ride Sheep to Escape Flood

Jul 25, 2017

As a massive storm flooded parts of New Zealand, a farmer went out to check his sheep and was stunned to see a number rabbits riding on the backs of the animals!

Video: Jumbo-Sized Rescue Saves Elephants Stranded at Sea

Jul 24, 2017

Members of the Sri Lankan navy performed a massive rescue mission over the weekend.