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Supernatural & Paranormal

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Lost Hiker Claims Ghosts Saved Him

Nov 20, 2019

A hiker who was found after being lost in the mountains of Taiwan for ten days told rescuers that he managed to survive thanks to help from a ghost couple that guided him to safety.

Goblins Blamed for Series of Mysterious Deaths in Zimbabwe

Nov 19, 2019

In a truly strange story out of Zimbabwe, goblins have been blamed for a mysterious series of deaths that left a family decimated.

'Ghost' and Friends Arrested in India

Nov 12, 2019

A group of mischievous young men in India wound up on the wrong side of the law thanks to an ill-advised prank in which one of them dressed up as a ghosts to frighten strangers.

Belief in Aliens Derails British Author's Parliamentary Campaign

Nov 7, 2019

A Parliamentary candidate in England dropped out of the race after concerns were raised about her belief in aliens and the paranormal.

Watch: Odd Orbs Filmed by Home Security System in Virginia

Oct 30, 2019

A Virginia woman was left scratching her head after her home security system filmed some odd orbs lingering around her front porch.

Watch: Ghost Filmed at English Pub?

Oct 29, 2019

A weird piece of security camera footage from a pub in England features an odd anomaly that some suspect could be a ghost child.

Ghost Photo Captured at Savannah Mansion?

Oct 27, 2019

The image was taken at the historic Sorrel-Weed house, said to be one of the most haunted.

Video: Ghost Photographed in Baltimore?

Oct 25, 2019

An eerie photograph taken outside of a popular Baltimore restaurant with a reputation for being haunted may show one of the site's resident spirits.

Mom Spots Spooky 'Ghost Baby' on Monitor Next to Sleeping Son

Oct 22, 2019

A mother's spooky tale of spotting a 'ghost baby' on her son's bed monitor has gone viral thanks to the rather amusing source for the unsettling 'spirit.'

New Poll Finds 45% of Americans Believe in Ghosts and Demons

Oct 22, 2019

A new poll conducted for the Halloween season found that a fairly sizeable portion of Americans believe in both ghosts and demons.

Watch: Haunted Doll Moves On Its Own

Oct 19, 2019

Recently posted video shows what appears to be the creepy moment a World War 2-era ventriloquist doll moves on its own.

Government Agency in New Zealand Finds Ghost Chatter Among Employees

Oct 14, 2019

A government agency in New Zealand that was tasked with looking into whether or not their headquarters is haunted has issued the findings from their legally mandated investigation.

World's Largest Ouija Board to be Unveiled This Weekend

Oct 11, 2019

An organization dedicated to preserving the history of 'talking boards' said to communicate with spirits on the 'other side' will unveil what they say is the world's largest Ouija Board at an event on Saturday.

Video: Real Estate Company Performs 'Paranormal Inspections' on Homes

Oct 10, 2019

In honor of Halloween season, a Texas-based real estate company says that they have enlisted a team of experts to perform 'paranormal inspections' on all of their homes.

High School in Ghana Shut Down Following Alleged Ghost Sighting

Oct 9, 2019

A high school in Ghana was forced to shut down this week after an alleged ghost sighting sparked something of a panic among the pupils.

'Haunted' Book Repeatedly Pilfered from North Carolina Libraries

Oct 7, 2019

Librarians throughout a county in North Carolina say that a book which details ghostly legends in the area keeps getting stolen by sticky-fingered patrons.

Video: 'Ghost Ship' Docks in Philadelphia

Oct 4, 2019

An awesome new art installation featuring an eerie holographic 'ghost ship' will be docking in Philadelphia for the next month.

Government Agency in New Zealand Queried by Curious Ghost Hunters

Oct 3, 2019

Workers at a government agency in New Zealand have become reluctant ghost hunters thanks to a rather clever official inquiry from one of the country's paranormal groups.

'Ghost Girl' Photographed at Casino

Oct 1, 2019

A woman visiting a casino in Massachusetts snapped an eerie photograph which seemingly shows the spirit of a little girl.

'Legally Haunted' Mansion for Sale

Sep 30, 2019

A mansion in New York that was once at the center of a contentious court battle which saw the residence declared 'legally haunted' is up for sale.

Watch: Security Camera Films 'Haunted' Wheelchair at Hospital in India

Sep 24, 2019

A spooky piece of security camera footage from a hospital in India seemingly shows a wheelchair moving on its own and the eerie incident left workers at the facility wondering if the site might be haunted.

Haunted B&B Rebuffs Ghost Hunters

Sep 23, 2019

A notoriously haunted house in suburban Pittsburgh is set to become a bed and breakfast, but any would-be ghost hunters hoping to spend the night there will have to check their Ouija Boards at the door.

Watch: Security Camera in Wales Films Full-Bodied Apparition?

Sep 19, 2019

A fantastic piece of security camera footage from Wales seemingly shows a full-bodied apparition appear out of thin air on the sidewalk of a street.

Video: Ghost Photographed at Notoriously Haunted Theater in Texas?

Sep 18, 2019

A pianist preparing for a performance at a notoriously haunted theater in Texas may have inadvertently photographed one of the site's resident ghosts.

Gravediggers at Massive Cemetery in Iraq Share Chilling Ghost Stories

Sep 12, 2019

Workers at an enormous cemetery in Iraq claim that the site is home to countless ghosts that have been known to attack gravediggers and leave them deeply unnerved by the experience.

Watch: Viral Driveway 'Alien' Unmasked?

Sep 11, 2019

The 'alien' at the center of a bizarre video that went viral this summer may have been unmasked by way of a rather odd bit of investigative journalism.

Haunted House Becomes an Airbnb

Sep 4, 2019

A Missouri couple who say that their dream home turned into a nightmare when they realized that it was haunted have come up with an ingenious answer to the paranormal problem: they've turned the house into an Airbnb.

Watch: Ghost Child Filmed by Home Security System?

Aug 22, 2019

A curious piece of footage captured by a home security system in a Long Island residence features a strange anomaly that some viewers believe is the apparition of a child.

Ghost Hunters Busted for Breaking into Dead Man's 'Haunted' Home

Aug 12, 2019

A pair of self-described ghost hunters in England say that they broke into the home of a recently deceased man because they had heard that his house was haunted.

Mass Hysteria Grips Indonesian School

Aug 11, 2019

A private girl’s school in Indonesia was filled with screaming students.