Robert Bigelow

Robert Bigelow


Nevada businessman Robert Bigelow, owner and founder of Bigelow Aerospace and the Budget Suites hotel chain, has had a lifelong interest in what he calls the two Holy Grails, that is the twin questions: "Are we alone?" and "Does human consciousness survive physical death?" In the 1990s, he created NIDS, the National Institute for Discovery science, which investigated both topics. As part of that research, he purchased a property in Utah now known as Skinwalker Ranch. That ranch became the central focus of a secretive Pentagon-sponsored program known as AAWSAP, later AATIP. Bigelow has just announced a new venture, BICS, the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies.


Past Shows:

  • Exploring Life After Death / Other Side Communications

    Robert Bigelow announced the winners of Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies' call for essays exploring the reality of life-after-death. Followed by psychic/medium and author Matt Fraser on his communications with departed spirits.More »
  • Searching for the Afterlife / Europa Mission

    Entrepreneur Robert Bigelow talked about his new venture, BICS, to study the survival of consciousness after death. Followed by journalist David W. Brown on NASA's planned mission to Europa.More »
  • Space Tech. / Turkey UFO

    Joining George Knapp in the first half, President of Bigelow Aerospace, Bob Bigelow, broke the news about a new NASA contract involving his company that will pave the way for long term exploration of the solar system. Ufologist Dr. Roger Leir joined the program during the...More »
  • Owning the Moon / Social Collapse

    During the first half of the program, George Knapp was joined by entrepreneur Bob Bigelow, who shared his concerns that China is poised to own the Moon. In the second half, engineer, author and building contractor Mat Stein will discuss preparing for social collapse,...More »
  • Bigelow Aerospace

    During the first half of the program, entrepreneur Bob Bigelow discussed Bigelow Aerospace, the decline of NASA, and the formation of a new company aimed at finding exotic technologies. Detailing the goals of Bigelow Aerospace, he explained that they hope to lease their...More »
  • Space Ventures & the Paranormal

    Entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, the founder of Bigelow Aerospace, joined Art for the entire program for a discussion about his private space ventures.More »
  • Rebroadcast: Sir Charles Shults from 8/13/06

    In a rebroadcast from 8/13/06, Art Bell apoke with Robert Bigelow followed by Sir Charles Shults.Dr. John Jay Harper will be rescheduled.More »
  • Nanotech's Dark Side

    Aerospace and defense systems developer Sir Charles Shults revealed the positive and negative sides to nanotechnology, as well as the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and virtual reality.More »

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