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BUZZSAW host Sean Stone joined guest host Jimmy Church (email) to share his insights on conspiracies and current events. Stone recalled how his father, controversial Hollywood director Oliver Stone, helped shape his view of U.S. history through discussions on the politics of the Cold War, JFK's assassination, and the military–industrial complex. The government has a history of overreach, especially regarding surveillance of its citizens, Stone explained. "I think it's just intrinsic to the political culture because the political culture is ultimately striving for domestic power," he said.

Stone suggested those in power have utilized foreign threats to seize natural resources of the third world, gain control over ordinary citizens, and enable totalitarianism. A thinking person cannot possibly believe the U.S. government is benevolent, he continued, noting how we live in a time when it is possible to question whether a mass shooting actually occurred or if it was staged by some dark organization within the alphabet agencies. According to Stone, there are clandestine groups contracted by the CIA or FBI which handle assassinations, overthrowing foreign governments, and staging terrorist events. "Do you actually believe that any of these people in power have your best interest at heart?" he questioned.

Stone criticized the mass media as designed to parrot what everyone else is reporting in an endless feedback loop devoid of independent critical thought. The mass media has a role in conspiracy as well since they play into the world psychology and help manufacture crises, he revealed. "It's a way of being a psychological shock that can be utilized to create effects in other areas that you're not even recognizing as the general public," he said. Stone also commented on UFOs and why he does not think disclosure is forthcoming, as well as what he considers the best case for conspiracy: 9-11. The forensic evidence contradicts the official explanation, he noted.

The remainder of the show featured Open Lines.

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