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UFOs Declassified/ Saga of a Targeted Individual

Date Wednesday - September 27, 2017
Host George Noory
Guests Nick PopeMichael Fitzhugh Bell

In the first half, retired UK Ministry of Defence official Nick Pope discussed the latest developments in the UK's declassification of UFO files, UFO stories in the news, and his skeptical stance in a number of areas (such as the Billy Meier case). After nine years, 224 out of 227 files have been declassified and released to the UK's National Archives. The reports include UFO sightings observed by pilots, and tracked on radar. Pope would like to see the US restart a new, improved Project Blue Book, that would seriously study UFO cases, but this time he suggests it be run by the Office of Science and Technology rather than the military. That would be similar to the way France has examined prominent UFO incidents, he added.

Pope dismissed recent claims that the UFO in the Rendlesham Forest case of 1980 might have been a military test capsule, saying there was only a small resemblance to what eyewitnesses reported. He cited 1993's Cosford Incident as one of the most interesting UK cases, in which huge triangular craft were seen flying over two air force bases. Pope also talked about his work as a consultant/ spokesperson for Hollywood on various science-fiction movies, TV shows, and video games. One of his most recent projects is X-Files: Stolen Lives, an audio book featuring the cast of the beloved TV series, that includes 'monster-of-the-week' type stories mixed with their ongoing alien conspiracy story arc.


In the second half, writer Michael Fitzhugh Bell updated his story of being drugged, abducted, and surgically implanted with tracking devices. He believes he is a "Targeted Individual" victimized by organized stalking, electronic harassment, and mind control (view related images). The implants, he suspects, are a kind of advanced biomedical nanotechnology that are part of a massive clinical trial of human experimentation that employs classified technologies like weapons. He had an object the size of a Tic Tac removed from his jaw, and believes numerous other ones remain in his body, which can track and monitor him, as well as read his thoughts in a kind of "synthetic telepathy."

Bell estimates that some 1% of the world's population (75 million people) are unwittingly being experimented upon at different levels by what he calls "the Cabal," a secret and powerful group or government faction. Human enslavement and depopulation seem to be their endgame, he remarked, and the disease Morgellons, associated with strange anomalous fibers may be one of their tools. He is particularly plagued by electronic sleep deprivation-- just as he starts to drift off, he's hit with an electronic jolt or shock that instantly wakes him up.

News segment guest: Christian Wilde

Related Material

Michael Bell MRI Image
Michael Bell MRI Image
Michael F. Bell, guest on the 9/27/17 show, sent images to accompany his appearance. He writes of this photo: "My own actual MRI image clearly showing an unnatural foreign object (biomedical implant) positioned at the base of my brain. This foreign object is not an organic part of the human body. I have covert surgery incision scars adjacent to this area on my head." View the full set of images here.

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