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'Truth or Trash' Open Lines

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Date Host Art Bell

Art opens the lines for "Truth or Trash," with the stipulation of no paranormal stories allowed. Only weird stories of the unbelievable. Art encourages the audience to lie. The caller's job is to either tell a true story that is so incredible that the panel will think is a lie - or to sell a huge lie so it sounds true. One man says he has discovered the theory of everything. In a third dimensional world, he went through a black hole. This man only has a high school diploma and was terrible in school but feels he has the answer to the universe.

Another caller tells of a kid on the beach, who sees a large black cloud over the lake. The cloud was bees and people inside a home would not let people in who were running for their life from the bees. A man who used to work for a huge drug company says they found the cure for aging. You have to keep taking the drug in order for it to work. But once the government got involved, the drug would not be released. A man who was a contestant on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" calls up. He got to the $250,000 stage – but he didn’t receive a penny of the money because he lied on the application and gave a friend’s address instead because he was Canadian.


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