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Mysteries & Anomalies

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'Skeleton Lake' DNA Study Produces Puzzling Results

Aug 20, 2019

An intriguing new DNA study attempting to unravel the mystery of a macabre site in the Himalayas known as 'Skeleton Lake' wound up producing some rather confounding results.

Weird Doll Mystery Grips Missouri City

Aug 15, 2019

A strange mystery has reportedly gripped a city in Missouri as some clever prankster keeps leaving creepy dolls in prominent spots throughout the community.

'Snake-Like' UFO Seen in New York State

Aug 12, 2019

A strange, snake-like UFO which has been spotted in the skies over numerous parts of the United States this summer was seemingly caught on film once again by a witness in New York state.

Cattle Mutilations Reported in Oregon

Aug 6, 2019

A ranch in Oregon recently lost five bulls in a mysterious incident which seems to bear the hallmarks of the infamous cattle mutilation phenomenon.

New Shroud of Turin Study Casts Doubt on Landmark Radiocarbon Test Results

Aug 5, 2019

An intriguing new Shroud of Turin study reportedly casts doubt on a landmark 1988 examination of the cloth that found it to be a medieval hoax.

Puzzling Surgical Plate Found in Dead Crocodile's Stomach

Aug 1, 2019

An Australian crocodile farmer was left mystified when he performed an autopsy on one of the facility's resident reptiles that had recently passed away and found a surgical plate in the creature's stomach.

Was 'Arctic Hysteria' to Blame for the Dyatlov Pass Incident?

Aug 1, 2019

A researcher in Russia has put forward an intriguing new theory for what may have caused the infamous Dyatlov Pass incident: a strange phenomenon known as 'Arctic hysteria.'

Spooky Marble Bust Unearthed in Maine

Jul 29, 2019

A renovation project on a property in Maine took a spooky turn when a mysterious marble bust was found buried in the ground.

Video: Mysterious Sculpture Unearthed in North Carolina Stumps Experts

Jul 25, 2019

A curious and rather sizeable sculpture of a face was recently unearthed on a farm in North Carolina and experts are stumped as to its nature.

Explorer Who Found Titanic Wreck Enlisted in New Earhart Search

Jul 24, 2019

A renowned oceanographer who famously found the wreck of the Titanic has been enlisted in an ambitious new attempt to solve the mystery of Amelia Earhart's disappearance.

Security Guards Encounter Unsettling 'Mystery Creature' at Pakistani Market

Jul 23, 2019

In a puzzling story out of Pakistan, workers at a major outdoor market are on edge following reports of a 'supernatural creature' spotted by security guards.

Latest Amber Room Search is a Bust

Jul 16, 2019

The latest search for the legendary lost Amber Room failed to find the riches which have eluded treasure hunters since the end of World War II.

Trailer for New Documentary on Big Cats 'That Shouldn't Be There'

Jul 15, 2019

Monday night guest Linda Godfrey shares a trailer for her documentary about the return of panthers to Wisconsin.

Prime D.B. Cooper Suspect Dies

Jul 10, 2019

Robert Rackstraw, who many researchers suspect could have been behind the infamous D.B. Cooper skyjacking, has reportedly passed away at the age of 75.

Free Audio: Aztec-Alien Artifacts

Jul 10, 2019

In this riveting hour from June, Steve Quayle debuted his latest discovery, what seems to be 500-year-old Aztec artifacts.

Flying Bird on Mars?

Jul 6, 2019

NASA's Curiosity Rover may have captured a flying bird on Mars, according to UFO conspiracy theorist.

Free Audio: Strange Disappearances of Hunters

Jul 4, 2019

In this fascinating hour from 2016, David Paulides shares cases of missing hunters.

Watch: Weird Creature Appears on Lake Michigan Webcam

Jul 2, 2019

A man watching a webcam feed of a storm battering Lake Michigan could not believe his eyes when a mysterious and rather sizeable creature popped up out of the water.

Graham Phillips' Stone Circles Videos

Jul 2, 2019

Tuesday night guest, author Graham Phillips, shares videos related to his work on Stonehenge.

French Crop Circle Flap Continues with Five More Formations Found

Jul 1, 2019

A crop circle flap unfolding in France has seemingly turned into a full-blown frenzy as another five more formations have reportedly appeared in the country over the last few days.

New D.B. Cooper Theory Could Lead to Infamous Skyjacker's Parachute

Jul 1, 2019

A D.B. Cooper researcher out of Arizona has put forward a new theory concerning the famed skyjacker that he believes could lead to a breakthrough in the case.

Crop Circle Flap Unfolding in France

Jun 26, 2019

In a rather surprising development, France has come to dominate this year's crop circle season with six formations having now appeared throughout the country over the last few weeks.

'Exotic' Birds Identified Among Creatures Depicted in Nazca Lines

Jun 24, 2019

An intriguing new study of the Nazca Lines suggests that the bird drawings featured among the famed geoglyphs were of species not native to the region.

Trailer: Missing 411- The Hunted

Jun 24, 2019

Guest on the 6/24/19 show, Dave Paulides, shares a trailer for his new documentary.

Montana Sheriff Issues Warning to Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunters

Jun 21, 2019

A sheriff in Montana took to social media this week to issue a warning to would-be treasure hunters visiting the state in search of Forrest Fenn's riches.

Free Audio: Mysterious Women-in-Black

Jun 20, 2019

In this riveting hour from 2016, Nick Redfern discusses the dark and disturbing evidence of Women In Black.

Baseball Team to Host 'D.B. Cooper Night'

Jun 20, 2019

A baseball team in Portland, Oregon has a rather peculiar promotion planned for this weekend: 'D.B. Cooper Night.'

Odd Flash Photographed on Mars

Jun 20, 2019

NASA's Curiosity Rover recently photographing a puzzling anomaly in the form of an odd flash seemingly floating above the surface of the Red Planet.

Bizarre Cattle Mutilation Reported in Argentina

Jun 18, 2019

A truly strange animal mutilation case in Argentina has residents of a village on edge with fears that the chupacabra may be lurking around their community.

Watch: Odd 'Footprints' Found in Forest

Jun 17, 2019

A puzzling video purportedly taken by a hunter along the border of the United States and Canada seems to show a set of footprints that some suspect could have been made by Bigfoot.

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