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Loan Scams/ CIA and Aliens

Date Wednesday - October 17, 2018
Host George Noory
Guests Alan CollingeNick Pope

First half: Alan Collinge is the Founder of StudentLoanJustice.Org, and is an outspoken advocate for the millions of Americans whose lives have been ruined by unconscionable practices of student loan lenders. He will discuss how the levels of individual debt keep ballooning, many to over a million dollars as recently reported in the Wall Street Journal

Second half: Retired U.K. Ministry of Defence official Nick Pope has been investigating UFOs and other mysteries for many years. Often called the 'real Fox Mulder,' he has worked as a consultant or spokesperson on numerous alien-themed movies, TV shows and video games. He will discuss shocking and revelatory insight into the latest leaks from the CIA regarding the alien presence on Earth and the ramifications for our society.

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