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HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Ann Louise Gittleman, Paul Begley

Nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman discussed the latest science on longevity and how to stave off the effects of aging. Followed by Pastor Paul Begley on how biblical prophecy foresees current scientific discovery and world events.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Brandon Weichert, Matthew McKay

Geopolitical analyst Brandon J. Weichert discussed secret and exotic military technology that is possibly related to UAP. Followed by psychologist Matthew McKay on his afterlife communications with his deceased son.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Mark Carlotto, Robert Waggoner

Engineer and scientist Mark Carlotto detailed some of the most compelling and intriguing UFO cases. Followed by author and speaker Robert Waggoner on methods and benefits of lucid dreaming.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Ryan S. Walters, Brandon Beachum

Historian Ryan S. Walters discussed the ill-fated first mission of the Apollo space program. Followed by thought leader Brandon Beachum on keys to abundance and self-transformation.

HOST: Connie Willis
GUESTS: Brad Olsen, Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts was onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt when the Gimbal and GoFast UAP footage was captured. He spoke about his profound experiences subsequent to the encounter. Brad Olsen delved into the mysteries buried beneath the surface of Antarctica.

HOST: Connie Willis
GUESTS: Rizwan Virk, Open Lines

Entrepreneur and video game pioneer Rizwan "Riz" Virk talked with Connie Willis about the Simulation Hypothesis, the idea that our physical reality is part of an increasingly sophisticated simulation. Followed by Open Lines.

HOST: Richard Syrett
GUESTS: Jared Murphy, David Elkington

Researcher Jared Murphy argued that prehistoric technologies were more advanced than is commonly believed. Followed by historian David Elkington, who discussed the Schumann Resonance's precise correspondence with the human brain’s alpha waves.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Michael E. Salla, Alan Steinfeld

Researcher Michael Salla discussed a possible 'Star Trek' future for space travel with collaborative programs and ventures among nations. Followed by writer and producer Alan Steinfeld deciphering the UFO contact experience.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Heino Falcke, Paul Wallis

Prof. Heino Falcke talked about the world of black holes and how he was the first person to present an image of one to the public. Followed by researcher Paul Anthony Wallis on ancient stories of ET contact and abduction.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Robert Morningstar, Andrew Knoll

Researcher Robert D. Morningstar updated his work on Martian and lunar anomalies. Followed by Prof. Andrew Knoll on planet Earth's turbulent history.

HOST: Connie Willis
GUESTS: Michael Grosso, Ervin Laszlo

Michael Grosso joined Connie Willis to discuss miraculous phenomena beyond conventional religion and science. Followed by Ervin Laszlo, renowned authority on science and philosophy, on the science behind spiritual experience.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Jeffrey M. Smith, Rick McCallum

Jeffrey M. Smith gave an update on his anti-GMO work, reporting on the current state of genetic modification and the dangers he believes it poses. Followed by ghosthunter Rick McCallum, who talked about his paranormal experiences in the US, the UK, and Ireland.

HOST: George Knapp
GUESTS: Michio Kaku, Stuart Davis, Kirsten Blackburn, Jay King

Co-creators Stuart Davis, Kirsten Blackburn, and Jay King discussed The Experiencer Group, social media for those who’ve encountered ETs, with George Knapp. In the first hour, Michio Kaku talked about relativity versus quantum theory.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Bart Kosko, Michael Tellinger

Prof. Bart Kosko discussed various topics, including brain chips, geoengineering, and a new theory about dreaming. Followed by researcher Michael Tellinger on ancient stone circles and artifacts in Southern Africa.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Charles Shults III, Matt Fraser

Aerospace and defense systems developer Charles Shults III gave updates on space and Mars exploration. Followed by psychic medium and author Matt Fraser on how to connect with the spirit world.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: Stephen Meyer, Dane Wigington

Stephen C. Meyer Ph.D. argued for intelligent design citing evidence from physics, cosmology, and biology. Followed by researcher and activist Dane Wigington on geoengineering, chemtrails, and weather anomalies.

HOST: George Noory
GUESTS: William Stickevers, Seth Shostak

Astrologer William Stickevers shared predictions and financial insights for the year ahead and beyond. Followed by SETI astronomer Seth Shostak on a curious stellar object, and mysterious signal.


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