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'Dragon Skeleton' Found in China

18 hours ago

A bizarre piece of footage from China shows a group of villagers gathered around what looks like the skeleton of a dragon!

Category: Creatures, Myths & Legends
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Luxury Tour Group Offers Camping Trips to 'Sasquatch Country'

A luxury tour company in Canada is offering a rather monstrous excursion dubbed the 'Sasquatch Challenge.'

Ohio Woman Reports 'Ghost Possession' to EMTs

A seemingly routine emergency call in Ohio turned strange over the weekend when a woman who had fallen claimed that it was because she was possessed by a ghost.

Congressional Candidate Claimed to be an Alien Abductee!

A Florida politician vying for a seat in Congress once claimed to have been an alien abductee and recalled vivid details of her remarkable encounter.

Experts Say Plan to Release JFK Files Could Cause 'Pandemonium'

While conspiracy theorists and historians eagerly await the expected release of JFK assassination files later this month, some experts are warning that the document dump may turn into a debacle.

'Watcher' House on the Market

Oct 16, 2017

If you've ever wanted to experience what it would be like to be the subject of a Lifetime movie, you may be in luck as the infamous New Jersey 'Watcher' house is up for sale.

Live Chat with Scott Stevens

Coast Insiders join us for our Live Chat with Scott Stevens on Tuesday night.

Men Flee Village in India Due to Fears of a 'Female Ghost'

A tiny village in India has been nearly abandoned as tales of a murderous female ghost have led all of the men to flee the community.

Knapp's News 10/15/17

George Knapp shares a number of items, including his recent KLAS I-Team report.

Man Blames Aliens for Crime Spree

Oct 14, 2017

A Wisconsin man faces a litany of charges after repeatedly vandalizing a home purportedly at the behest of aliens!

Video: Ghost Hunter Gets Possessed by the Spirit of a Child?

A paranormal research group in England claims to have captured chilling footage of an investigator being possessed by the spirit of a child.

NFL Kicker Enlists Psychic for Help

In a testament to the superstitious nature of sports, the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's kicker recently revealed to reporters that he has been consulting with a psychic to improve his game.

Experts Divided Over 'Big Cat' in MS

A Mississippi man was left scratching his head when he spotted what appears to be a massive black cat walking through a field and even experts can't agree on what he saw.

Watch: Goblin Filmed in Argentina?

A bizarre piece of footage from Argentina allegedly shows a terrifying encounter between some schoolchildren and a goblin!

Newlyweds Flying to the Bahamas Vanish in the Bermuda Triangle

Oct 12, 2017

A Texas couple traveling to the Bahamas for their honeymoon may be the latest victims of the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

Monstrous Kangaroo Menaces Australian Man

An Australian man walking his dog along a creek was astounded and then alarmed when he stumbled upon a monstrous-looking kangaroo bathing in the water.

Mystery Fires Plague Malaysian Family

A family in Malaysia say that their lives are in ruin due to mysterious fires which keep erupting in their home.

DeLonge Announces Creation of Fringe Science Research Team

Rock star-turned UFO investigator Tom DeLonge has announced the formation of an ambitious consortium which aims to explore the realms of fringe science.

'Walking' Starfish Filmed in NC

A North Carolina man taking a stroll along the beach was astounded when he spotted a starfish that started 'walking' after it got stuck in the sand

Trailer for the Documentary "Fatima"

Wednesday night guest L.A. Marzull shares a trailer for his new documentary, Fatima.

Watch: Bizarre 'Swamp Monster' Emerges from Sewer in Malaysia

A nightmarish video from Malaysia shows a mysterious creature of some kind slithering out of a family's bathroom after emerging from the sewer!

Malawi Vampire Panic Rattles UN

The ongoing hysteria in Malawi surrounding mysterious 'blood sucker' entities has reached such a fevered pitch that the United Nations has been forced to relocate some its staff in the country.

'Alien Ranch' for Sale in Arizona

An infamous ranch in Arizona that has allegedly been the site of interdimensional alien activity has been put on the market.

Live Chat w/George Noory & Timothy Green Beckley

Timothy Green Beckley joins our Live Chat with George Noory this Tuesday night at 8p PT/11p ET.

Impending Asteroid Flyby Spawns Another Apocalypse Warning

An incredibly close asteroid flyby due to occur this coming Thursday has sparked another round of conspiracy theories suggesting that it is a harbinger of the End Times.

Ghost Hunters 'Haunt' UK Forest

A group which oversees an ancient patch of forest in England says that overzealous ghost hunters are running amok at the site.

Video: 'Fire Devil' Filmed in Portugal

A rare and breathtaking phenomenon known as a 'fire devil' was filmed emerging out of a raging inferno in Portugal.

Colorado Hikers Startled by 'Bigfoot'

Hikers exploring a mountain trail in Colorado came upon a monstrous surprise in the form of an enormous Bigfoot cutout 'lurking' in the woods.

'Slenderman' Spooks Oregon City

Residents of a city in Oregon were understandably unnerved this past week when they spotted someone dressed as the infamous character 'Slenderman' shuffling down the street.

'Ghost Girl' Photographed at the Stanley Hotel?

A family visiting an infamous haunted hotel in Colorado suspect that they may have photographed the ghost of a little girl standing atop a staircase.

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