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In Coast You Missed It 12/6/19

Dec 6, 2019

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

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Video: Virgin Mary Leaves Rose Petals at Troubled Texas Restaurant?

Dec 6, 2019

The owner of a troubled restaurant in Texas believes that her business was visited by the Virgin Mary and that she left rose petals behind as a sign that she had been there.

Bizarre Banana Art Sells for $120,000

An Italian artist's audacious new piece, which consists of a banana duct-taped to a wall, sold for a whopping $120,000.

Video: History-Making Solar Probe Provides Slew of New Insights on the Sun

A history-making spacecraft that sweeps through the solar atmosphere has reportedly provided scientists with a bevy of new insights into the nature of the sun.

Watch: Electric Eel Powers Christmas Lights at Aquarium in Tennessee

An electric eel at the Tennessee Aquarium has become something of a star attraction after workers created a special system in which power generated from the creature lights up a Christmas Tree.

Anomaly Hunter Spots Craft Flying over Antarctica on Google Earth?

Dec 5, 2019

An anomaly hunter examining Google Earth images of Antarctica believes that he may have stumbled upon a photo of a mysterious craft seemingly flying through the air.

Watch: Odd UFO Filmed in South Carolina

A motorist in South Carolina captured some intriguing footage of a weird glowing object slowly descending in the sky.

Treasure Hunter Sues Forrest Fenn

Dec 4, 2019

A disgruntled treasure hunter from Colorado has filed a lawsuit against Forrest Fenn after he failed to find the author's infamous hidden cache of riches.

Art Bell Vault: Iconic Entertainers

Dec 4, 2019

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week: programs featuring George Carlin and Dan Aykroyd.

Creepy Clown Busted in North Carolina

Dec 3, 2019

Authorities in a North Carolina city recently pulled off a relatively rare feat when they managed to identify a young man who, they say, was behind a series of creepy clown sightings in the community.

Video: Spray-Painted Polar Bear Spotted in Siberia

A troubling piece of footage from Siberia shows an unfortunate polar bear that somehow had the name of an iconic Russian tank spray-painted on the side of its body.

Video: Paranormal Docuseries 'Hellier' Returns with Riveting Second Season

The groundbreaking paranormal docuseries Hellier has returned with a riveting second season that exponentially expands the mystery surrounding stories of goblins lurking in the caves of Kentucky and takes the investigation into tantalizing new realms.

Indian Farmer Paints Tiger Stripes on Dog to Scare Away Monkeys Eating Crops

An Indian farmer fed up with monkeys feasting on his crops came up with a rather clever solution to the problem by painting stripes on his dog so that it looked like a tiger.

Video: Powerful Storm Reveals Shipwreck at Lake Michigan

A powerful storm that battered the shore of Lake Michigan last week wound up uncovering something of a historical mystery in the form of a sizeable shipwreck that had been buried in the sand.

Woman Gives Birth On Airplane

Dec 1, 2019

Names baby ’Sky’ in honor of the incident

Watch: John Fogerty's UFO Fascination

In George Knapp's interview with John Fogerty, the musician talks about his long standing interest in UFOs.

Emerging Artists 12/1/19

On the first Sunday of every month, George Noory features emerging artists for some of the Bumper Music.

Lost Wedding Ring Found 2000 Miles Away

Nov 29, 2019

…and 27 years later.

New Monstrous-Sized Black Hole Discovered

Known as LB-1, its mass is around 70 times larger than our sun.

Eerie Beam of Light Appears in Canada

Nov 27, 2019

Residents of the Canadian city of Edmonton were bewildered on Tuesday evening when an eerie beam of light appeared in the sky and sparked some truly fantastic theories for what had created it.

Art Bell Vault: On the Fringe

Nov 27, 2019

Added to the Art Bell Vault this week: programs on the Moon Landing Hoax and spontaneous human invisibility.

Mom Busts Baby Monitor 'Ghost'

A mother in North Carolina got quite the scare when she thought that the baby monitor watching over her children had filmed a ghost, but it turned out that the 'spirit' had a less-than-spooky source.

Iconic Billy Meier Flying Saucer Photos Up for Auction

A massive sale of space-related photos being conducted by famed auction house Sotheby's includes a rather surprising offering for would-be bidders: sets of purported pictures of flying saucers that were taken by alleged ET contactee Billy Meier.

Video: Street Artists Create Amazing 'Car Pierced by Tree' Piece in France

Residents of a city in France were mystified when they woke up one morning to discover that a sizeable tree had seemingly grown through a parked car overnight.

D.B. Cooper Witness Breaks His Silence

For the first time in 48 years, a man who sat just a few feet away from D.B. Cooper during the infamous 1971 skyjacking caper is sharing his remarkable story with the media.

Video: Woman Believes Ultrasound Shows Her Late Father Kissing Baby

An expectant mother in San Diego believes that her late father made a surprise appearance in an ultrasound image of her baby.

Mozambique Man Accused of Using Sorcery to Cause Crocodile Attacks

In a strange story out of Mozambique, an elderly man has been driven from his village after neighbors claimed that he was a sorcerer who could control crocodiles.

Knapp's News 11/24/19

George Knapp shares recent items of interest including an article about a new UFO exhibit.

New stunning image of the Milky Way

Astronomers using a radio telescope in Western Australia have captured a stunning new view of our Milky Way galaxy.

Bigfoot Photographed by Baseball Player's Game Camera?

A major league baseball player recently shared a pair of puzzling photos of a mysterious creature prowling around his property and some suspect that the oddity could be Bigfoot.