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In Coast You Missed It 2/15/19

22 hours ago

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

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Video: Hundreds of Eerie 'Witches' Marks' Found in English Cave

Feb 15, 2019

The keepers of a cave in England were astonished to discover that what they thought had been graffiti at the site was actually hundreds of centuries-old markings designed to ward off evil spirits.

Watch: Girl Rides Through X-Ray Machine

Feb 15, 2019

A bizarre piece of security camera footage from China shows a five-year-old girl climbing into an x-ray machine at a busy train station.

Giant 'Snow Owl' Spotted in England

A man out for a walk in England could not believe his eyes when he spotted a massive depiction of an owl embossed into the snowy landscape like a crop circle.

Watch: Italian UFO Group Gets Hoaxed

Feb 14, 2019

A UFO research organization in Italy has egg on their faces after falling victim to a rather well-crafted hoax.

Jose Canseco Offers 'Alien Excursion'

After making headlines last month with some truly bizarre musings about ETs and time travel, retired professional baseball player Jose Canseco is doubling down on his penchant for the paranormal.

Chuck E. Cheese's Denies Bizarre 'Recycled Pizza' Conspiracy Theory

The popular children's restaurant chain Chuck E. Cheese's has issued a strenuous denial to a viral conspiracy theory which suggests that they recycle uneaten pizzas.

Mars Opportunity Rover Declared Dead

After fifteen glorious years exploring the surface of Mars, NASA's Opportunity rover has been officially declared dead by the space agency.

Free Video: Jim Marrs on the Illuminati

Enjoy a complimentary episode from George's TV show, Beyond Belief.

15th Canadian 'Mystery Foot' Found

Authorities in Canada are calling on the public for help in solving the case of yet another mysterious foot that washed ashore in British Columbia.

Black Leopard Photographed in Africa for the First Time in Over a Century

For the first time in over a century, an incredibly rare black leopard has been photographed in Africa.

High School Under Fire for Enlisting Exorcist to Help 'Possessed' Students

Administrators at a high school in India are being taken to task by their supervisors after it was revealed that they enlisted an exorcist to help a group of seemingly possessed students.

Study Warns of Insect Armageddon

A troubling new study warns that the world's insect population is rapidly declining and the entire planet could be in peril as a result.

Polar Bears Invade Russian Town

Officials in Russia were forced to declare a state of emergency this past weekend in response to an unsettling number of polar bears that have invaded a town in Siberia.

Video: 'Ghost Apples' Found in Michigan

A farmer in Michigan could not believe his eyes when he went out to prune some trees following a storm and spotted some rather wondrous oddities created by the winter weather: 'ghost apples.'

Roswell Crash Site Sold

The famous 'Foster Ranch' property has been sold to a cattle company.

In Coast You Missed It 2/8/19

Feb 8, 2019

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

Driver Blames Aliens for Odd Accident

Authorities responding to a van rollover in California received an out-of-this-world explanation for the accident from the driver: aliens were to blame.

Video: Thousands of Dead Fish Fill Harbor in Germany

Officials in Germany are attempting to get to the bottom of a weird incident in which thousands of dead fish washed up in a town's harbor.

Free Audio: Gerald Celente on Trends 2019

Enjoy this fascinating hour from a show we broadcast last month.

Australian Woman Recalls Chilling Encounter with an Agitated Yowie

A woman in Australia has come forward with a truly terrifying tale of encountering an agitated Yowie that, she claims, violently shoved her down a hill!

Politician Ponders Whether or Not the Earth is Really Round

A politician in Canada raised eyebrows this week after she seemingly expressed support for the Flat Earth theory.

Ghost Forces Woman to Flee Her Home

A woman in England claims that she's been forced to flee her home and stay in a motel in order to escape a ghost that has been tormenting her for years.

Watch: Ghost Smashes Vinyl Record at Haunted Asylum?

A group of ghost hunters exploring a purportedly haunted asylum in Michigan got quite the fright when an unseen force seemingly smashed a vinyl record and sent them scurrying out of the building.

Video: Creepy Mystery Creatures Found in New Zealand Kitchen

An odd piece of footage out of New Zealand allegedly shows some truly nightmarish mystery creatures allegedly found on crawling around on a kitchen floor.

Huge Cross Washes Ashore in Florida

A tourist visiting Fort Lauderdale over the weekend couldn't believe his eyes when he spotted a massive cross wash ashore onto the beach in front of him.

Russian Officials Provide Additional Details on New Dyatlov Pass Investigation

Feb 5, 2019

Following the bombshell announcement that Russian authorities plan to conduct a new investigation into the infamous Dyatlov Pass incident, additional details about the inquiry have since emerged.

Colorado Jogger Attacked by Mountain Lion Kills Creature in Self-Defense

A man jogging along a wilderness trail in Colorado was forced to kill a mountain lion in self-defense when the ferocious feline attacked him.

Rare 'Snow Rollers' Found in England

A forestry worker in England was left scratching his head when he spotted a series of strange and sizeable snow formations in a field near his home.

Indian Man Wants to Sue His Parents for Giving Birth to Him

Feb 4, 2019

A man in India plans to take the childhood lamentation of "I never asked to be born" to a whole new level by suing his parents for giving birth to him without his consent!